Shiroyama Park (Horinouchi)

Ehime prefecture “Good things festival”

Sep.2, 3   10:00~17:00     

   There are some events and famous food stands.



Matsuyamajo Castle 

 < Open hour >

      Honmaru area (the hill top area) 5:30-21:00

     Ropeway operation    8:30-17:30  

     Lift operation           8:30-17:00 

     The Castle Tower     9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)


Matsuyama Castle Ninomaru Garden

Noh Performance

    Sep.14   18:00~ (Doors open at 17:00)  @special stage


    Sep.17, 23, 24  10:30~15:30  Tea ceremony  

Fee 300 yen


      Open 9:00-17:00 ( admission until 16:30)

      Admission fee  Adult :200yen, Child:100yen


Dogo area


Dogo onsenart 2018 pre-opening  

                   @around Dogo Onsen main building

Sep.2  15:00~   ceremony

            15:30~17:00   Live painting by Elly Oomiya

                                                          (writer, director, painter)

          18:00~19:00   Concert by “Meiwa Denki”(art unit)



Sep.26  7:00   The Dogo annex bathhouse,

                                   called “Asuka no Yu” open!


Dogo Art 2016 featuring Yamaguchi Akira

Various locations around Dogo.


 ✩Onsenart(Onsen plus art)

 This event was started to revitalize the Dogo area three years ago.  The concept of this art festival is “Dogo main building and Dogo town area are the art.”  “The oldest but the most advanced” is the main theme.  Two famous artists have done their art exhibitions so far.  This year’s main artist is Yamaguchi Akira.  He is a modern artist.  His painting style is to draw buildings and people in details like Ukiyoe and Yamatoe(the paintings originated from Japanese history).  You will see promotional flags here and there in the Dogo shopping mall.   The Dogo main building and town area are transformed into a beautiful exhibition. 



 From next year, Dogo main building will get anti-earthquake reinforcement and the repair of the damaged parts.  It will take about 7 years.  The main building won’t closed completely.  Matsuyama city decided to get the repair construction partially done while the main building is running.  It will be possible for you to get in the hot spring even though it is under construction.  This is one of the most attractive tourists’ spots in Matsuyama.  It would be a big problem if it was completely closed.