Name: Emi

Job: office worker

Likes: traveling

           visiting hot springs                eating delicious foods

Skill:vegetables&fruits junior          Meister

Name: Sayuri

Job: housewife

Hobby: Piano Violin 

Currently studying :Catalan

Love: FC Barcelona

Message: Enjoy Matsuyama and the local beer and sake with us.

"Hola! Sóc molt fan del Barça. M'agraden molt el  menjar i el vi catalans. Visca Barça !!"


Name: Kumi

Job: housewife

Hobby:watching Japanese baseball games(I like Hanshin tigers!)

reading books (detective stories and Murakami Haruki)

Name: Yoko

Job: housewife

Skill:speak Korean

Name: Sumiko

Job: teacher

Name: Nobuko

Job: translator

           (IT localization)

Likes: hiking, traveling,      watercolor painting

Skill: speak a little Chinese

Name: Jiro

Job: grandfather

         former chef


(My doctor advised me not to eat too much...)

traveling  (In Asian countries I'm often taken as a local)


Job: housewife

Hobby: cooking vegan dishes, gardening on my balcony