Saturday, February 2, 2019

 Today’s our guest was a Japanese guy. He is a local high school student and interested in guiding in English. I hope he learned about Matsuyama Castle more today and will guide it in near future.

 By the way, various events such as treasure hunting are being held around the castle now. Let’s join and enjoy them!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Ishite temple was getting ready for Setsubun, the last day of winter according to the old lunar calendar. The temple ground was clearer than usual, and in the center was a pile of sprigs, to make a fire-offering. Behind the pile, a platform was being prepared, where people would throw rice cakes on that day, February 3. Even though the weather remains cold, spring is not too far away.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Preservation repair construction of Dogo Onsen Honkan began.  It’ll take about 7 years.  But the main building won’t be closed completely.  We can take a bathe on the 1st floor.  (We can’t use the 2nd and 3rd floors.)  The entrance has been moved from the west to the north side. During construction, we can see some pictures of the phoenix around the building.  And there is a foot bathe with a wonderful view at the top of the hill next to the main building.  Please enjoy it, too!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

 松竹梅, syou-chiku-bai, the combination of pine-bamboo-Japanese plum (ume blossom) symbolizes happiness in Japan.  New year’s greetings from Matsuyama Castle.  Today’s castle was breathtakingly beautiful under the crystal-clear sky.  We wish you all have a great new year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

 The end of the year is drawing near.  This is a picture of a bell tower in Ishite-ji.  At midnight on New Year’s Eve, the priest rings the bell 108 times.  Human is said to have 108 worldly desires, and those are erased one by one with the sounds of the bell.  Then we can start the New Year feeling refreshed.

  Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018


We met a nice couple from Germany.  We guided them at Matsuyama Castle and they with talked us about European castles. It was very interesting.  We went up the castle tower then enjoyed chatting on the hill.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


They just finished the customary year-end cleaning yesterday, the main building of Dogo Hot Spring is shining.  The souvenir shops in Dogo shopping arcade leading to Dogo-onsen offer a variety of products in Ehime Prefecture.  Towel/Imabari, Porcelain/Tobe, Sake/Uchiko, Jakoten(fish cake)/Uwajima etc. etc.  There are a lot of good souvenirs other than these.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


When we arrived at Ishite-temple, a temple priest was chanting a Buddhist sutra. The sky looked darkish and heavy, and the sound of sutra really matched in such a weather. The priest’s sutra echoed around the quiet temple ground with a few worshippers. We just stood and listened to it in awe feeling for a while. Colored leaves were falling down. Now we realized the arrival of winter.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

 On Saturday morning, the ropeway station of Matsuyama Castle was constantly visited by quite a few tourists. They looked like they couldnt wait to enjoy a beautiful day under the autumn sky, under the castle tower.


matsuyama ya/aki yori takaki/tenshukaku

 (Matsuyama/higher than the autumn sky/the castle tower)


by Shiki Masaoka

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

 It was a balmy Indian summer day.

 We strolled around Dogo town. There are three bathhouses run by Matsuyama city in Dogo, 124 y-o the main building, 65 y-o Tsubakino-yu and brand new Asukano-yu. Asukano-yu reaches its first birthday on 26th December.